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5 Dead After Amtrak Train Crashes Into Vehicle

The crash occurred after the vehicle stopped on train tracks in the southern part of the state.

Pope Defends Use of Word 'Genocide'

On his plane, the pope also weighed in on the EU, and said the Church needs to apologize to gays, the poor, and exploited women and children.

Texas Accused of Suppressing Key Abortion Data

A state employee and the ACLU of Texas say state officials are intentionally delaying data on the impact of the law before the Supreme Court.

Boston Bombing Survivors Visit With Orlando Victims

Six Orlando nightclub shooting victims still in the hospital this weekend received some special visitors with unique insight into their situation.

Petition for Second EU Vote Hits 3 Million Signatures

An online petition calling for a second referendum on Britain's exit from the European Union surpassed 3 million signatures.