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'Oppressive' Triple-Digit Heat Targeting 110M Americans

Heat indices were expected to linger between 100 and 110 degrees across the country on Saturday and Sunday.

Grieving Dad Visits Scene of Munich Shooting

Clutching a photo and flowers, the grieving father of 21-year-old Munich shooting victim, Dijamant Zabergja, visited the scene of the attack.

'No Indications' Munich Shooting Rampage Linked to ISIS: Police

There were "no indications" the teenage gunman who killed 9 in the German city of Munich had links to ISIS or any other terror group, police said.

Hundreds Evacuated as California Brush Fire Explodes

The fast-moving Sand Fire that broke out in Santa Clarita continued to burn Saturday as at least 300 people were told to evacuate.

Kabul Terror: 80 People Dead in Suicide Blast at Protest

The bombers targeted protests organized by an ethnic minority group, killing many of them and members of Afghanistan's security forces.