Town Of Princeville And Mayor Facing More Legal Issues

A local mayor already indicted on charges she embezzled thousands of dollars from her town's coffers is facing a lawsuit.

Princeville Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates and the town are the targets of a new lawsuit filed by former town manager Victor Marrow, according to the Daily Southerner Newspaper.

The newspaper reports Marrow is suing for breach of contract, alleging wrongful discharge, wrongful interference with contract, slander and unfair and deceptive trade practices.

Mayor Oates publicly proclaimed her innocence on the embezzlement charges.

Previous story from August 2013:

Princeville Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates declared her innocence Monday on charges that she used the town's credit card for personal use.

Earlier this month she was indicted on 17 counts and was arrested on August 7th.

The indictment listed $8,000 in charges not supported by receipts

Everette-Oates told WITN Monday not only is she innocent, but that she is being framed by the agency that is in town to clear up the financial problems.

Everette-Oates says, "Everything spent was business related. All Princeville business expenses was in the budget line items."

Supporters held signs chanting and asking for the Local Government Commission that now oversees the town finances, to return files that would explain Everette-Oates' reasons for spending money at restaurants and Bed Bath and Beyond.

Everett-Oates says some of the money was spent on city hall. She says, "When you see those pictures, and in the office it's decorating the office in the conference room and the SBI say that they saw that."

But what Edgecombe County Commissioner Viola Harris sees is a town in financial distress. She says, "I'm concerned about all the citizens of Princeville and I felt like the town had gotten into a bad financial state and I felt they no longer had a manager and the state is going to come in and help them get into their right track."

So during the regular scheduled town meeting, Everette-Oates tried to plead her case again to a packed room of citizens and was told she was out of order but she continued talking until the attorney told her she would have to wait.

Commissioners Gwendolyn Knight and Ann Howell asked for her to be removed or wait for her time in the agenda.

When it came to citizens comment time, Michael Bennett, who is a contractor in Afghanistan and from Princeville, pleaded with the commissioners to turn this town around. Bennett says, "Take pride in this town, clear up your act and keep people from talking about us like we don't have any sense."

Everette-Oates' lawyer says she plans to plead not guilty.

A mayor in the east plans to be present at its town hall meeting on Monday to set the record straight about the embezzlement charges she faces.

Priscilla Everette-Oates called our Lynnette Taylor on Sunday to say she plans to talk about the 17 counts of allegedly using the town's credit card for her personal use.

Everette-Oates was indicted and then arrested August 7th. She didn't speak out then but says she is willing to give her side of the story Monday night.

The regularly held town hall meeting is at 7pm on Monday.

Everette-Oates’ lawyer says she plans to plead not guilty.