Your Tax Dollars Are Being Spent On What?

The U.S. has a $17-trillion debt, a deficit this year of $514-billion, and is giving away billions of dollars in grants for all sorts of initiatives in foreign countries.

As members of the Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association gathered in Craven County to tape their weekly radio program, they are simply outraged with some of what we discovered our federal government is spending money on.

Rick Hopkins is the chairman of CCTA and says, "We're going right down the same road that's been gone down so many times that's lead to the collapse of countries."

That reaction comes as our country continues to borrow money from foreign countries, then turns around and gives away billions of your tax dollars to countries for all sorts of unimaginable programs in the form of grants that do not have to be paid back.

You can find it all on the website $400-billion up for grabs.

There are grants like $500,000 to promote freedom of expression in the Arabian Peninsula, $15-million for enhancing resilience and economic growth in Somalia, $30-million to strengthen the public health capacity in Bangladesh, $75-million for food assistance programs for Burundi, Madagascar, and Malawi...and the list goes on and on.

Hopkins says, "We have enough places here at home that money needs to be going to we don't need to be sending it to these foreign countries and especially for some of the ridiculous things they're sending it for."

Republican 3rd District Congressman Walter Jones couldn't agree more. But others might argue some of those grants, like the $30-million for health initiatives in Bangladesh, are needed. Jones says, "Well maybe they don't need it and maybe there's a few Americans here in America right here in Eastern North Carolina who maybe need $30-million to help their family situation. I don't know. Sometimes it gets very frustrating."

Hopkins says, "There's a tipping point somewhere and right now we're just diggin ourselves into more and more debt.."

Nancy Murdoch with CCTA says, "Our way of life is crashing and sometimes I think we might be too late to the party."

Hal James, another member of CCTA, told us, "We're just going to have a terrible time surviving it unless enough people get to be political activists, work at this problem and change our country."

Which is exactly what CCTA's Raynor James says they're trying to do. "I think there are a lot of groups like ours around the country and I am just hopeful we'll be able to pull our resources and do enough fast enough to truly make a difference. I'm scared."

Congressman Jones says, "The American people need to take the government back. They need to take it back."

And little by little, perhaps straighten out our country's financial picture.