Workers Layer Up To Work Outside in Frigid Conditions

Despite chilly weather conditions, some people are still working outdoors.

On Friday, construction workers with the city of Greenville were repairing the entrance to Greenwood Cemetery on 5th Street.

A worker told WITN that he was wearing five layers, including a thermal shirt, sweatshirt and heavy coat.

In a different part of Greenville, Keonna Garder worked her job outside the Liberty Tax office on Old East Fire Tower Road.

Gardner said her shifts are usually four hours, with 10 minute breaks to warm up inside.

Gardner found a fun way to stay warm. She likes to dance and listen to music!

Gardner said, "I get jiggy with it. I just turn it on and sometimes for the first hour I warm up. Then the next three hours, I just dance. I make it similar to a Zumba workout."

Like construction workers, Gardner said wearing multiple layers is key to surviving in the cold. She's looking forward to warmer days ahead.