Greenville Police: Suspect Throws Hammer At Pastor Who Walks In To Find Church Being Burglarized

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Greenville police say one person is in custody for a breaking and entering after a pastor of a church walked in and caught him in the act.

It happened at Selvia Chapel FWB Church on Watagua Avenue just after 8:00 p.m. Thursday.

The church is also home to Angels of Excellence childcare and afterschool services.

Greenville police spokesperson Kristen Hunter says the suspect threw a hammer at the pastor but missed and then ran out of the church.

A K9 officer just happened to be in the area and picked up a track and followed the scent to a nearby home two blocks over on Manhattan Avenue where one person was taken into custody.

53-year-old Mark Wayne Cannon has been arrested and charged with breaking and entering a place of worship and assault with a deadly weapon.