Work Progressing On 10th Street Connector In Greenville

The Department of Transportation says the 10th Street connector project in Greenville is moving along with the continued acquisition of property.

The new road will improve traffic flow, and officials say help spur economic development.

It will cut through Farmville Boulevard and West 10th Street, eliminating 150 homes and businesses.

The DOT says 55 homes and 95 businesses will be affected by this project.

Starting in October power will be cut off to businesses and houses that have already decided to move.

At this time, about 10 homes on Farmville Boulevard have already been gutted.

While the deadline for businesses to decide what they want to do isn't until November, some businesses, like Fusion Skate Park off West Tenth Street, have already closed their doors.

Other businesses, like Bob's Barber Shop, say they're moving, but say they're doing so at a cost.

The DOT says the construction on the estimated $22 million dollar project will break ground in February 2015.