Woman Shoots Intruder While Hiding In Closet

Two teens are accused of breaking into a home this morning, while the homeowner was inside with a gun. Wilson County deputies say one of those teenagers was shot by the woman.

It happened around 10:43 a.m. on Tonya Road outside of Elm City. Deputies say the woman called 911 from inside a closet and as one of the burglars approached her she fired the weapon. Both men ran from the home and the one shot was found some 300 feet away. The other ran into the woods and was later caught on an adjacent road.

Michael Bynum, 16, of Rocky Mount, has been charged with breaking & entering and possession of marijuana. Deputies say the man shot, Christopher Joseph, 18, also of Rocky Mount, is in stable condition at a local hospital and his arrest is pending on the same charges.

Deputies say they found additional electronic and household items inside the suspect's vehicle that did not belong to the victim on Tonya Road.

The homeowner will not be facing any charges, according to deputies.