NEW INFO: Woman Could Get 35 Years And Nine Months In Prison For Pregnancy Scam

Deputies in the East say a woman faked being pregnant and tricked couples into giving her money for a slew of expenses.

Pitt County deputies arrested 37-year-old Heather Taylor of Farmville Tuesday. Taylor is facing ten counts of obtaining property by false pretenses.

Investigators say Taylor targeted couples on Craigslist looking to adopt a child. They say she targeted one couple in Wilkes County and another in Illinois.

According to deputies, Taylor would contact the couples claiming to be pregnant. and looking for a home for the child. They say she would communicate with the couples over several months, claiming to have medical problems, no food or shelter, and made up court appearances.

Investigators say Taylor went as far as to pretend she was in labor while on the phone with one of the victims. Taylor gained more than $1,500 dollars from hopeful couples.

Taylor was never pregnant and never intended to give the couples a child.

Taylor made her first appearance this morning. A judge said if Taylor is convicted of all the charges against her, she faces a maximum prison sentence of 35 years and nine months.

Records show Taylor has an identity theft charge pending in Pitt County, while earlier this year she was given probation on two worthless check convictions.