Woman Escapes Being Locked In Barn

A Goldsboro man is accused of locking a woman in a barn, and trying to sexually assault her.

Police say it happened Sunday on Harris Street in Goldsboro.

The victim from LaGrange told police she was at a party when Roland Whitley locked her in the barn. The woman says she used a screwdriver to escape and walked off with a bottle of liquor belonging to Whitley.

Police say when Whitley found out that the victim had escaped, he got into his vehicle and found her down the street. They say the man confronted the victim about taking his liquor, and as she tried to give it back, police say he pushed the woman down and drove off with the liquor and the woman's purse.

Whitley was arrested Tuesday on charges of first degree kidnapping, attempted second degree sexual offense and larceny from a person.

His bond was set at $50,000 and has a first appearance Thursday.