Man Stabbed In Greenville Thursday

A man was stabbed in Greenville early Thursday morning.

Greenville police say 28-year-old Michael Throneberry was the victim of an attempted armed robbery around 2 a.m. near East 4th Street and Forrest Hill Drive and that he was stabbed during the crime.

Throneberry tells WITN he had gone for a walk when two young men on bicycles stopped in front of him and told him to give them his wallet. He says one of the men held him while the other cut him on his side.

Throneberry says he was able to escape and run off before going to the hospital and getting ten stitches for his injury.

Throneberry is a Pitt Community College student and says he has never felt unsafe in the neighborhood but that he'll make sure now to never go walking anywhere alone when he leaves his house at night.

No arrests have been made.