With 10+ Weeks Left In Hurricane Season, Pitt County Workers Prepare

So far this year we haven't had any hurricanes hit the United States, but organizations like the Red Cross, are still preparing for the worst with 75 days left in the season as of Tuesday.

Tuesday in Greenville,workers with the Red Cross, Pitt County Department of Social Services, and Pitt County Health Department met for shelter simulation training. The organizations review training once a year to prepare for hurricane response.

75 People met at the Agriculture Center in Greenville where they were taught how to run a shelter in the case of a hurricane.

"It's so important to do classes like this because it really prepares you for things to come. You never know when its going to come. So if we do the classes before something hits, we're always going to be prepared," said Amy Parsons with the Pitt County Disaster Action Team.

The Atlantic hurricane season lasts through November 30th.