NEW INFO: Winterville Police Investigate Family Dollar Robbery

Another dollar store in Pitt County was robbed this weekend.

Winterville police say the Family Dollar on Worthington Road was held up around 8:45 p.m. Sunday.

Police say the gunman came into the store and demanded money. He is described as approximately 5'4" tall with a slender build, wearing blue jeans, and a black hoodie. The robber was wearing sunglasses and a blue/white bandana.

No one was hurt in the robbery and police say so far no one has been arrested in the case.

In Greenville, there have been four robberies at Family Dollar stores since the first of the year, while one at a Dollar General location.

Greenville police say their detectives are looking at similarities between the Winterville robbery and some of their cases and have not ruled out the possibility they are related.

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Winterville Police are investigating a reported robbery in Pitt County.

A dispatcher with the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office says that they got the call around 8:45 Sunday for a robbery at the Family Dollar on Worthington Road.

An employee that answered the phone at the store said that everyone was okay but would not comment further.

We’re awaiting a call from Winterville Police.