Wilson County Resident Becomes State's First West Nile Fatality In 2013

An adult from Wilson County is the state's first West Nile death for the year.

The Department of Health & Human Resources says it is also the state's first confirmed West Nile case for 2013.

No other information about the death was released by state officials.

Nationwide, so far this year there have been only 696 cases of the mosquito-borne illness, including 28 deaths. Last year at this time there were 2,636 cases across the country.

"Most cases of West Nile virus and other mosquito-borne illness occur from mid-August through mid-October in our state, so we encourage everyone to take precautions to protect against mosquitoes," said Dr. Robin Cummings, acting State Health Director.

DHHS recommends people still take precautions to eliminate potential breeding sites around your home and business:

· Eliminate standing water in places like flower pots, discarded containers, gutters and kiddie pools.
· Clean ornamental ponds and ensure that filtration systems are functioning properly.
· Clean and change water in horse troughs at least once a week.