Wildlife Arts Festival Underway In Downtown Washington

Wildlife enthusiasts have a weekend paradise right here in the east, courtesy of the East Carolina Wildfowl Guild.

The East Carolina Wildlife Arts Festival is underway with several events going on in the Washington area. It was a packed house at the Washington civic center with vendors set up wall to wall with everything from decoys to gorgeous pieces of art work.

Admission is $10 for a one day ticket. Over 15 hundred people took part today with organizers hoping for even more Sunday. Doors open back up at 9:30 a.m.

Folks on hand say that events like the festival are a reminder why appreciating our wildlife is so important.

“Well it’s really important for everybody to get out and see just what God has created with our nature, and see the wonderful colors that are in birds, and see everything that there is to see,” said Wayne Mobley, a Swansboro resident who made the trek to Washington for the festival.

A list of events can be found at the below website.