Onslow Officials: Wildfire Under Control, Residents Allowed Back In Homes

Fire officials say that the wildfire that began just after 1 p.m. Sunday, is now under control.

That announcement came from Emergency Management Director Norman Bryson around 8:20 p.m., who says that people that were evacuated are now allowed back in their homes. Firefighters have been released from the scene as well.

Bryson says that the forest service will investigate the blaze. It's likely hot spots will have to be monitored on Monday.

It's not clear what sparked the over 100 acre wildfire at this time.

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The wildfire that broke out in Onslow County Sunday afternoon is nearing containment.

Emergency Management Director Norman Bryson says that within the next hour or so, people evacuated will hopefully be able to return to their homes. Firefighters may be released from the scene as well.

Bryson stopped short of saying the fire is contained, but as of 7:20 p.m., says that about 80 percent of the elements are in place to keep it from spreading. The forest service is continuing to plow fire lines.

Bryson says that they will likely need to keep an eye on the scene Monday for flare ups, which started in the Hardy Graham Road area southwest of Jacksonville and began spreading toward Highway 53. The chance of hot ash jumping fire lines is always a possibility, officials say.

Over 100 acres is said to have already burned.

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More homes have been added to a mandatory evacuation in Onslow County due to the wildfire.

Emergency Management says that around 5:00 p.m., 20 to 30 homes were evacuated in the areas of Brians Woods Road, Tomahawk Road, Boysenberry Fields Road, and Strawberry Road. The forest service have lit back fires around the homes to protect them.

More than 100 acres have burned so far according to officials.

Emergency Management Director Norman Bryson sounded optimistic saying that, "A lot of what we are seeing is starting to calm down, we're not out of the woods yet, but it is starting to calm down."

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Onslow County Emergency Management says that several fire departments and the NC Forest Service are battling a wildfire that has burned over 100 acres since 1 p.m.

Emergency Management Director Norman Bryson says that over 10 departments are fighting the fire that began around the Hardy Graham Road area and began spreading toward Highway 53. Forestry is currently using 3 plows to help contain the fire, and planes are en route to make water drops.

Bryson says that homes in the Backwoods Lane area were evacuated earlier, but believe that they now have them protected.

Crews hope to have the wildfire contained by this evening with a fluctuation in humidity in the area assisting.

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Firefighters in Onslow County are at the scene of a wildfire according to dispatchers.

An Onslow County 911 operator confirms that there are several crews battling a blaze near Highway 53 and Hardy Graham Road. We’re told that the fire has been burning since just after 1 p.m. Law enforcement in the area is regulating traffic.

It’s not clear how many acres have burned.