Westboro Baptist Church Planning Picket Of Funerals For Soldiers Killed In Afghanistan

The Westboro Baptist church plans to picket the funerals of three National Guard members from our state. Community members in one area, however, are organizing a "Human Wall For Our Fallen Hero".

Sgt. Thomas Butler IV was killed in Afghanistan, along with two other National Guard members, Sgt. Jeremy Hardison, and Sgt. Donna Johnson.

Butler is expected to be laid to rest sometime this week, and the Westboro Baptist Church has made its picket plans known via it's website, stating, "Thank God for 18 more dead troops. We are praying for 18,000 more. We will picket their funerals in their home towns in respectful and lawful proximity thereto."

Butler is from the Pender County area, and community members are organizing what it's calling a "Human Wall For Our Fallen Hero", via Facebook. The group currently has over 6 thousand members, and intends to form a wall intended to shield Butler's family from the Westboro Baptist Church picket.

Sgt. Hardison is from Maysville, and Sgt. Johnson is from Raeford.

The 3 soldiers were killed following a suicide bombing in Afghanistan the first week of October.