Wayne County Man Found Safe After Being Held For Ransom

Olera - Saucedo . Mendoza-Alcala

A man is safe after deputies say he was kidnapped and held for ransom for four days.

Wayne County deputies have charged Hector Mendoza-Alcala, Gerardo Olera, and Jose Saucedo with first degree kidnapping. Olera is from Warsaw, while Saucedo lives in Wayne County and Mendoza-Alcala is from Texas.

Deputies say 47-year-old Roberto Baltazar of Dudley was kidnapped near his home on Monday. Later that day the man's family received a phone call demanding a ransom.

A round-the-clock investigation began which led officers to locations in Wayne, Lenoir and Duplin counties. Thursday morning they received information that the victim may be at a location on Highway 55, east of Mount Olive. There they found the victim and one of the suspected kidnappers.

Interviews with the victim and suspect led deputies to two other suspects.

Deputies say a big obstacle to their investigation was the language barrier, while three members of the Wayne and Lenoir County SWAT teams went to the hospital for treatment of heat exhaustion.

The three kidnapping suspects are jailed on $500,000 bonds.