Washington Moves Forward On Repairing Damaged Airport

Washington took the first step Monday night towards repairing its damaged airport.

Warren Field Airport in Washington was damaged by a gustnado on July 1st of 2012.

Washington city council voted to approve design and architectural portions of the project in the amount of $112,185. That's just the engineering side. Mayor Archie Jennings says there are two schools of thought among the council on what exactly that design will be .
"The contingent that believes we have to be more austere, and do this as cheaply as we could, and then two, the group that sees the opportunity to go in and build a facility that will stand the test of time."

With the vote, Jennings says the city will start to focus on funding the repairs, but he says between the money raised from relief efforts and the grants they've received, it shouldn't be a problem. The two add up to over a million dollars.