Deputies: Suspects Charged With Second Meth Lab In Beaufort County

Two suspects arrested Monday night in Beaufort County charged with having a mobile meth lab have now been charged with having a second meth lab.

The Beaufort County Sheriff's Office says its drug unit discovered a methamphetamine lab in the trunk of a car Monday at 4502 River Road in Washington.

Investigators say they were investigating 48-year-old Randall Burmeister and 56-year-old Susan Maloney who live at the River Road address, after complaints they were buying unusual amounts of cold medicine containing pseudoephedrine. That is the main ingredient needed to make meth.

While conducting the search, investigators with the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office learned that Burmeister and Maloney had rented a mini storage approximately one mile from where they were staying.

Investigators obtained a Search Warrant to search the mini storage. Agents with the State Bureau of Investigations conducted a search of the mini storage and found a second lab.

Burmeister and Maloney are charged with two counts of manufacturing methamphetamine, possession of meth, and possession of drug paraphernalia and were held at the Beaufort County Detention Center under a $50,000 bond.

Investigators say they evacuated the area about 5:30 p.m. Monday in an effort to keep people from being contaminated by toxic fumes that are released during methamphetamine production.

The State Bureau of Investigations was notified to collect evidence and process and clean up the scene.