Washington City Council To Vote On Funding Airport Repairs

The Washington City Council is scheduled to vote this evening on whether to authorize funding to repair the local airport that was damaged in a deadly storm outbreak last summer.

A gustnado seriously damaged the hangar at Warren Field Airport in Washington, along with some of the planes, on July 1, 2012.

According to the City Council agenda for January 14, the council will be asked to approve a budget ordinance amendment to cover the repairs from the gustnado and the associated insurance proceeds.

$325,200 from the city's insurance claim on the damage will be used for the city's match for the grants to rebuild the terminal. The rest will be used for repairs to the hangar and other spots at the airport.

The storm that seriously damaged the airport also claimed three lives. A tree fell on a Pitt County couple at their home in Blount's Creek. David and Carol Harris were killed in that accident. William Adams died when his barn in Pitt County collapsed on him.