Walk Your Dog, Raise Money For Local Shelters

You can raise your heart rate and money for local animal shelters every time you walk your dog, thank to an app for your smart phone.

It's called Wooftrax, and the idea is to raise money for local shelters across the nation while you care for your furry friend.

According to the app's webpage, every time you walk your dog you just hit "Start Walking" on you phone and you are on your way to raising money for a shelter of your choice.

The money comes form a variety of donors, according to the site, and the amount per mile varies.

A handful of pet rescue centers and shelters in the east are eligible for those donations. They include the Humane Society in Carteret County and Greenville, the Onslow County Animal Shelter, the Lenoir County SPCA, and Pitt County Animal Shelter.

To figure out how to start walking and raising cash for animals in our area, click here.