WITN's Parent Company Secures Retransmission Agreement With DISH

WITN's parent company, Gray Television, has reached an agreement with DISH Network to continue retransmission in 30 television markets, including Eastern Carolina.

“Gray Television and DISH reached a long-term, mutually beneficial agreement in a professional and respectful manner,” said Kevin Latek, senior vice president of business development for Gray TV. “The DISH team has moved quickly to facilitate this deal."

“DISH and Gray worked together on behalf of customers to reach a deal,” said Sruta Vootukuru, DISH director of programming. “Together, DISH and Gray serve viewers with local news and information, as well as network programming, and that will continue under this long-term agreement.”

The retransmission deal applies to WITN, along with its Gray sister stations in Georgia, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Colorado, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nebraska, Mississippi, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Texas, Kansas and Nevada.