VIDEO: WITN's Alizé Proisy Gets Behind The Controls Of I-39 At Cherry Point Air Show

One of the main acts of this year's Cherry Point Air Show is the Black Diamond Jet Team, which is made up of five l-39’s.

The plane is a high performance jet trainer aircraft developed in Czechoslovakia.

WITN’s Alizé Proisy got a behind the controls for a look at the speed and power of the jet.

Retired Marine Lieutenant Colonel Art Nalls was Proisy’s pilot.

For Nalls, coming to air shows is his kind of atmosphere.

"I love the people at airshows, being able to share the experience of flying with other people," said Nalls.

Nall broke down the training that pilots receive.

"It’s an advanced jet trainer; it’s designed for a student to be in the front cockpit, an instructor in the back cockpit, and to teach someone who already knows how to take off and land, some simple navigation, how to use the airplane, and how to start using it as a weapon system. How to do tactical formation, how to do air combat maneuvering how to do gunnery and how to drop some bombs," said Nalls

The l-39 is the most widely used advance jet trainer in the world, and reaches top speeds of 480 knots.

"We're going to go up and fly today. You're not a passenger, you are a student,” Nalls tells Proisy, “I'm going to teach you to do some steep turns, how to do some basic aerobatics, I’m going to have you take me back to the airfield and I’m going to take over for landing."

Proisy says the sensation was very hard to describe, “It was very intense, incredibly awesome, and left a huge grin on my face.”

If you’re interested in more, you can check out the l-39s on Sunday at the Cherry Point Air Show.

The Black Diamond Jet Team is scheduled to take off at 2:42 p.m.