WITN Reporter Checks Out Marine Training Firsthand

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Every autumn the Marine Corps puts the few and the proud to the test. The combat fitness test keeps Marines prepared for combat on the ground.

Alize Proisy tackled the test to show us the course first hand and learn how it impacts our troops. After her first step of the 880 meter run during the test at Air Station New River she says she wondered: what in the world she was thinking?

She passed the test after a series of sprints, low crawls, high crawls, grenade throws, push ups, body drags, body carries, and a final sprint with 2 ammo cans. For men wanting the best score, they have to get it all done in under 2 minutes 14 seconds and 3:01 for women.

Check out the video to see how Marines train to stay ready for battle.

In the spring, Marines do a physical fitness test with a tough three mile run and tons of pull-ups and crunches. That score combined with the autumn combat fitness test determines if a marine is eligible for promotion.