WITN Broadcasts Three Channels Of Programming

We are now running our on-air signals from our new building on Arlington Boulevard in Greenville.

At this time, we will broadcast three channels of programming: WITN, WITN 2 and WITN 3.

You should not notice a change on WITN’s primary NBC channel, except that we will be adding in more HD content when available.

If you tune to WITN 2, which is 7.2, you will find it to be a full-service MyNetwork television affiliate with various syndicated programming throughout the day and night.

WITN 3, which is 7.3, will now be a full-service Me-TV station, so all Me-TV programming will be on this channel, including Me-TV programs that have not been aired previously in this area.

Click here for programming information and channel lineups.

WITN News and other operations will be moving to the new Greenville facility over the next several months.

Some important notes:

All of these channels are available to viewers over-the-airwaves with an antenna.

SUDDENLINK CABLE carries the full channel line-up on cable channels 8/108, 138 and 139.

TIME WARNER CABLE only carries WITN(ch7/120) and WITN 2 (ch121). If a Time-Warner customer has a digital television, they may be able to tune all three channels by plugging the cable feed directly into their television, bypassing any cable boxes, and then re-scanning their television. We should show up as 7.1/7.2/7.3 following that.

MEDIACOM and TRI-COUNTY are in the same situation. However, Tri-County is working to make WITN 3 available to customers who upgrade to their digital service.

Mediacom: WITN 2: ch 5
Tri-County: WITN 2: ch 10.

DIRECTV and DISH NETWORK only carry WITN’s primary NBC channel and those customers would need to use an antenna to receive WITN 2 or WITN 3. You can call your satellite and/or cable provider and tell them you would like to receive WITN 2 and/or WITN 3 on their cable or satellite.