WATCH VIDEO: Man Causes Scare By Carrying Shotgun And Pistol To "Promote" Open Carry Laws

(WTMJ) People made frantic calls to police in Germantown, Wisconsin after they saw a man with a handgun. It was holstered on his hip. On his back was a shotgun with a pistol grip.

The guns were loaded - but he wasn't breaking any laws.

He says he was trying to educate the public. When police arrived, the whole thing was caught on dash-cam video.

It's not a sight you see every day. And while it's frightening to some, it's legal. Wisconsin is an open carry state.

That's a shotgun slung over William Polster's back. He carries guns on him for personal protection, and because it's his second amendment right.

"Pushing my cause is educating the public," says open carry supporter William Polster. "Let them see what's legal. Let them see that standing up for your rights is not wrong."

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