WATCH VIDEO: Florida Third Grader Suspended For Pretending Finger Was Gun

(WESH) A Florida mother was upset Monday after her 8-year-old child was suspended from school.

Jordon Bennett, a third-grader at Harmony Community School, was suspended after being accused of simulating a gun with his hand.

According to the school's paperwork, the boy was suspended for TRL, which is making a threat to another student.

The child's mother, Bonnie Bennett, said Jordon was just playing a game of cops and robbers.

"Just like that, he had nothing in his hand, no toy, no stick, no pencil," Bonnie Bennett said. "He had nothing in his hand to even give the appearance of a real gun; it was his finger."

The school declined to comment on the specific evidence because of confidentiality.

However, Osceola County Schools released a statement regarding simulating a gun with a finger.

"It's not just a question of finger guns," a representative said. "The principal looks at the totality of the incident, what occurred before, during and after and whether the student felt threatened."

Despite the school's statement, Bonnie Bennett said she believes the principal went too far.

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