WATCH VIDEO: Elderly Couple Go On First Date, Share Dating Advice

GRANITE BAY, Calif. (KCRA) —Inside her Granite Bay home, 94-year-old Golden Henning anxiously waits for her dinner date.

"This is the first time in 20 years, what do I do?" Henning said, referring to the fact that she hasn't dated since the 1980s, after her second husband died. "He is a wonderful guy, and I am going to tell him how wonderful he is."

Henning was set up on a blind date last week. It went well.

"He said 'Can I hold your hand?' and I said 'Of course,'" Henning said with a smile.

The night before Valentine's Day, 95-year-old Richard Shave is picking up Henning for dinner at an upscale Granite Bay restaurant, Hawk.

"He's my date for the evening, and I am very excited. I am a twitter," Henning said.

Both Shave and Henning said the key to a great time on a date is to compliment the one you're with and enjoy the moment.

"She's a real sweetie, she's flattering. She's very flattering," said Shave about Henning. "I feel a little odd because I am being driven around by my children, just like I was a teenager again."

After decades of not dating, Henning said the night has given her a new outlook on life and love.

"You have one life to live, and it's up to you to enjoy that life," Henning said. "Life is there to live, and if you can't do it for yourself, do it to others."