WATCH VIDEO: Angry Vets Protest Shutdown

(WNCN) More than 100 veterans and their families rallied at the U.S. Veterans Memorial in Broadway, NC, Sunday to take a stand against the partial government shutdown.

"I'm mad as hell and I won't take this anymore," retired Army colonel and NC Sen. Ron Rabin announced to the crowd.

Rabin's is the feeling many veterans share as that the government shutdown has closed federal memorials.

"Our war memorials -- as veterans -- are ours," said William Vaughn, who organized the rally and is also a veteran.

"This needs to stop," said, Jeff Weigle, a 14-year Navy veteran who brought his family from Virginia to join others taking a stand. "We need to be real, we need to honor those that have served this country."

Many of the veterans have experienced the ugliest parts of war but say they are now in another battle against the very government they served.

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