WARRANTS: Bomb-Making Materials Found In Trooper Shooting Suspect's Apartment

Documents say a man accused of shooting a state trooper had bomb-making materials in a Raleigh apartment.

Mikel Brady is charged with the February 19th shooting of Trooper Michael Potts on U.S. 70 in Durham. Potts was shot four times after a traffic stop for a seat belt violation.

Search warrants released today said officers found "PVC piping, nails, and other items" that were later learned to be used for making bombs. Brady and his girlfriend, Lyndsey Smith, were arrested at the White Pine Drive apartment the day after the shooting.

The warrant says investigators also found a digital camera "with clear pictures of instructions marked how to make bombs." It also says a large map of Durham was found on the bedroom wall with locations of police, fire and an EMS station marked.

A Vermont newspaper says the 23-year-old man was convicted there for stealing explosives, as well as a suspect in more than 100 home break-ins.

Brady remains in jail in Durham on a $10.5 million bond.