Voters Approve No Smoking At Wrightsville Beach

For the first time ever in our state there's no smoking allowed on one beach and you will get a ticket and fine if you light up.

Lawmakers have debated the smoking ban for for nearly two years in Wrightsville Beach and Tuesday voters approved it.

Some beach goers we talked with on the Crystal Coast aren't in favor of it. Nonie Robinson of Emerald Isle said, "I think on the beach it's open, you're in the open, you should be able to smoke on the beach "

Robinson wonders how will it be enforced. "Unless somebody is out there tattling , call the cops, there is a smoker down here."

The Wrightsville Beach town council repeatedly voted against the ban three to two because of concerns of how to enforce it.

Officials at the Crystal Coast say they don't forsee this ban ever happening here, and the reason Wrightsville Beach could pass the ban is because it is owned by the town. Other beaches would have to wait for the state to make it law.

The mayor says starting in the spring if you smoke at Wrightsville Beach you'll get a ticket and a fine of up to $50.00.