Vidant Health Employees Got Mandatory Flu Vaccine

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A growing number of hospitals and health systems across the country are starting mandatory vaccine programs, and the largest health care provider in the east is no different.

Vidant Health completed its first mandatory influenza vaccination program in November. More than 99.9% of employees received the vaccine. Patient safety is the driving force behind the policy says Vidant Health CEO Dr. David Herman

"If you're in a hospital as a patient and you get influenza your chances of having that be a fatal event are about 1 in 4. So to prevent those infections, it really keeps our patients safe and allows them to leave the hospital with a much better outcome then they would have otherwise," said Dr. Herman.

Workers at all Vidant Health sites, including doctors, nurses and housekeepers, participated. Even non-Vidant Health employees who work at Vidant facilities were required to get the vaccination.