Veteran Ferry Workers Rehired For Ride To Cape Lookout

The National Park Service awarded the contract to ferry people from Carteret County's mainland to Cape Lookout to just one company. The winner of the ferry contract, George Aswad, has hired 41 people, most of them are locals who worked at other ferry companies. Among them is Mike Crusie, who used to ferry people through Calico Jack's Ferry Service in Harker's Island. That business has shut down, but his 25 years on the water are still sailing now that he works for Captain Aswad.

Pat Kenney, the Superintendent of the Cape Lookout National Seashore, says the experience of the captains, plus the education element of the National Park Service will make for a great ride for tourists.

The change has led to several businesses closing or changing their focus. Local Yokel ran ferry trips for 15 years. Now, it's focusing on water tours to show visitors dolphins and horses.