Veterinarian Warns Of Effects Of Allergies On Dogs

We're a month into spring and for those with allergies, symptoms are in full force.

While you're trying to treat the pesky symptoms, you might want to check on your pets too. Unfortunately, many pets exposure to the outdoors can mean expensive trips to the vet.

"Pretty much any breed of dog, whether they're a mixed breed or a pure breed, can have skin problems," says veterinarian Dr. Linda Kuhn. "I tend to find little dogs seem to have a lot of them."

Dr. Kuhn works with the East Carolina Veterinary Service. She says untreated allergy symptoms in dogs can cause serious harm.

"They chew their hair off, they can be scratching a lot," says Dr. Kuhn. "Their feet are swollen, sometimes they have raw sores. It's very, very bad and it hurts the dog."

Rinsing off the dog and wiping their paws after a day in the grass can help. If symptoms worsen, there are other options.

"We have shampoos that can be soothing. We can use antihistamines, steroids like we do in people. Those are very helpful in dogs," says Dr. Kuhn.