Vandals Hit Greenville Neighborhood In Controversy

Residents who live in a neighborhood that is embroiled in controversy woke up Friday morning to vandalism.

At least five vehicles were spray painted overnight on South Harding Street in Greenville.

That's the same neighborhood where residents have filed a lawsuit against the city over the controversial 4-unrelated rule.

Ironically, last night neighbors say there were supporters for the 4-unreleated rule going door-to-door with a petition.

In 2012, city council loosened up an ordinance that prohibited more than three unrelated people from living in the same house. The neighborhood is adjacent to ECU, and is a popular area for students to rent homes. A new city council recently voted to return the unrelated number to three.

Greenville police confirm there were five cases of vandalism reported this morning around 7:10 a.m. A police spokeswoman says the vandalism remains under investigation.