USPS To Close Local Processing Plant, Will Save $6 Million

Processing mail, packages, and parcels out of one local processing plant will soon move further west. The change will leave some without jobs, others with possible delivery delays.

Postal workers at the Rocky Mount Processing and Distribution Center are part of the USPS consolidation plan.

Last week, the USPS notified workers that by January 2015 the plant will shut down. All mail will then head 67 miles west to Raleigh's processing plant. That means if someone mails a letter in Greenville to another Greenville resident, it will head to Raleigh first.

A USPS spokeswoman says it's necessary to save nearly $6 million. The statement to WITN said in part, "In regard to any concerns about mail delays due to the move, it's important for customers to know the outgoing mail (mail destined for areas in or near Rocky Mount) has already been transferred for processing. The mail received is already being processed outside of Rocky Mount and returned to the Plant in time for further sorting before delivery to customers."