UNC Panel Makes Recommendations On Security; ECU Making Changes

East Carolina University says it will make changes to address campus sexual assaults after a UNC report on making improvements to campus security.

The report suggests ways to respond to sexual violence, increase law enforcement preparedness, and fight alcohol and drug abuse on campus.

The report comes after a year of study by a task force of university police chiefs, attorneys, medical professionals, student counselors and others who deal with crime, sexual assault and substance abuse.

ECU says some of their changes include addressing sexual assaults between students with a trained faculty member, instead of adjudication by students. The university is also planning an alcohol-free tailgate option during football games for parents and students this year.

The report estimates it would cost nearly $13 million to implement all 36 recommendations.

UNC Board of Governors Chairman John Fennebresque says the school will take the report seriously.

The recommendations include creation of a system policy on sexual harassment and sexual violence. It also suggests that trained investigators and panelists who are not students should hear sexual assault cases.

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