Tyrrell County Man Still Missing 5 Years Later

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It's been 5 years since an Eastern Carolina family reported their son, father, and husband missing. Craig Swain is from Tyrrell County but was last seen in Washington County. Deputies say they can track where Swain was, up until a certain point, the night he went missing five years ago.

Craig Swain is now 43-years-old. He went missing at age 38. Investigators have retraced his steps with canine teams, dive teams, and from the air. They have been able to figure out he was visiting an uncle off Jones White Road in Washington County. From there they tracked him to a store, then a party at another home on Jones White Road. From there, another party goer reported Swain hit a car and left. Investigators say the person who's car Swain allegedly hit followed him, stopping him twice along the road. 911 was called, and a deputy started following the truck Swain reportedly had been driving. A chase started at 70 miles an hour around curvy backroads- ending with a crash into a mailbox on Reek Road. Whoever was driving that truck fled on foot. Investigators say there are plenty of loose ends: They can not verify if Swain was the one still driving the truck during the chase. But five years later, no word from the man who is called a devoted family man by his relatives.

"No closure at all, and if anybody knows anything I wish they would say something because I feel like the community has let me down. I'm a momma. That was my son. I love my baby," said the missing man's mother Ida Jackson-Swain

Investigators say they have pursued people of interest, but there are no arrests or charges at this point. The last place deputies can positively say Swain was seen was at the party.

We know the family and local churches have pooled together a reward for someone with information that leads to finding Swain.