Grimesland "Hole In The Wall" Burglary Latest In Rash Of Similar Crimes

Deputies today released surveillance video that shows the latest "hole in the wall" burglary in Pitt County.

An employee discovered someone had cut open a 2-1/2 foot wide hole in the rear wall of the Express Food Mart in Grimesland Sunday morning. The burglars made off with two safes.

Since last October, Pitt County deputies say they have investigated eight other similar crimes, while at least three others have happened in neighboring counties.

Deputies say convenience stores appear to be the most favored target, but thieves have also hit an Internet cafe, a dentist's office and a propane business.

In the latest case in Grimesland those involved clipped a wire to the alarm system and smashed the siren.

Deputies say the man seen in the Grimesland video is similar to several of the other burglaries.

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A convenience store employee got quite the shock this morning when she discovered that someone had put a hole in the back wall of the store and made off with two safes.

The Pitt County Sheriff’s Office says that the discovery was made right around 6 a.m. in Grimesland Sunday morning at the Express Food Mart on Highway 33 & Mobley’s Bridge Road. Officials say someone used some kind of tool to put a hole in the back of the business to make entry.

Employees say that surveillance footage shows a person crawling across the floor and pushing the safe back out the hole. Store manager Angie Bateman says that those involved clipped a wire to the alarm system and smashed the siren.

Law enforcement says that it is reviewing the footage and plans to release it. They are looking into whether this break-in is related to other recent break-ins done in a similar fashion.

No suspect description has been released.

The store says that it plans to open back up Tuesday.