Two Men Charged With Rape, Kidnapping And Burglary

Two men are accused of invading a home, raping a woman and the kidnap of a woman and child.

Tavares Allen, age 21 of Goldsboro, and Jay Jackson Jr., age 20 of Goldsboro, are behind bars.

Each are locked up on a $1.2 million bond and charged with kidnapping, rape, burglary and stealing a gun.

The Wayne County Sheriff's Office reports one week ago, four or five men knocked on the door of a home in Wayne County and forced their way in when someone opened the door.

Lawmen say the people inside the home say one woman was sexually assaulted and that another woman and a small child were forced from another area into the living room and forced to stay there. They report a gun was stolen from the home.

Allen was arrested Thursday evening in Goldsboro, while Jackson was arrested several hours later, also in Goldsboro.

Lawmen say the victims did not know the suspects.

Officials credit multiple agencies joining forces to crack the case.

"I would like to express my utmost appreciation to the SBI, Goldsboro Police Department and my own detectives and officers for the way they worked together to take these suspects off of the street," said Wayne County Sheriff C. A. Winders. "I also want to express my concern for the victims in this case and wish them the best of luck in recovering from what had to be a horrifying experience."