Pitt County "Operation Support Your Child" Collects $60,000 In Child Support

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The Pitt County Sheriff's Office and the Department of Social Services just wrapped up "Operation Support your Child," and they say more than $60,000 worth of delinquent child support payments were collected from deadbeat parents.

The annual campaign started on Mother's Day and ended Father's Day.

Pitt County deputies say during that time they arrested 62 parents for failing to make their child support payments, while another 20 parents negotiated new payments in order to avoid going to jail.

An additional 400 parents were served papers ordering them back to court to address their child support cases.

Deputy Eric Todd says, "Every year we're seeing a decrease in the amount of individuals that we're having to go look for because they basically know that we're constantly out there throughout the year trying to get them to either pay it, or we're picking them up and putting them in jail."

Todd encourages parents who are behind on their child support to contact the sheriff's office or social services to discuss their case. He says that's the best way to avoid being arrested.


The Pitt County Sheriff's Office has announced nearly 40 arrests through Operation: Support Your Child.

This is the third week of the operation and as of Friday afternoon the unit has served 30 civil summons, made 39 arrests and served just over 200 papers to parents who will now have to appear in court.

Operation: Support Your Child will continue for two more weeks.

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Deputies in Pitt County arrested six suspected child-support absconders in the area Thursday morning, and they used social media in the process.

The Pitt County Sheriff's Office is in week three of Operation Support Your Child. They decided to host a "Tweet Along" during the round-up, tweeting as deputies worked to arrest the suspects. The tweets called out the suspects by name, asking people if they had seen them. Other tweets showed suspects in handcuffs.

After the two-hour operation, six people were taken into custody at the Pitt County Detention Center. Authorities say the parents targeted today were considered "hard to find."

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Deputies in Pitt County are offering you a social media view of their day-to-day, arresting child-support absconders in the area.

The Pitt County Sheriff's Office announced it's "Tweet Along" to highlight week three of Operation: Support Your Child.

The idea is from 8:30 - 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, deputies are tweeting updates of their work to find and arrest non-custodial parents who have not been paying up on court-mandated child support.

"We are often adding new weapons to our arsenal," said Sheriff Neil Elks. "This time, we're doing it 140 characters at a time."

You can join the virtual ride along by following @PittSheriff on Twitter.com, or click here.