Tropical Storm Andrea Recap

Now that the dust has settled, it's time we take a look what Tropical Storm Andrea brought to Eastern Carolina and how we fared. The storm brought moderate winds, a minor storm surge and buckets of rain. There wasn't any major, widespread damage associated with the storm, however a number of neighborhoods in Eastern Carolina had to deal with downed trees and minor flooding. In order to get an idea of wind intensity, here are measurements recorded at airports (and in the case of Piney Island, bombing range) around the region.

Washington: 30 mph sustained; 41 mph gusts
New Bern: 26 mph sustained; 45 mph gusts
Greenville: 24 mph sustained; 36 mph gusts
Piney Island: 36 mph sustained; 53 mph gusts
Billy Mitchell Airport: 35 mph sustained; 53 mph gusts

Unofficial localized wind gusts were reported to have been higher, with gusts in excess of 60 mph. These winds broke off tree limbs and blew a couple trees down altogether. With the windiest official readings in the coastal region, it's only appropriate we take a look at Andrea's storm surge.

Storm Surge
Oregon Inlet: 2.33 ft.
Hatteras: 0.96 ft.

Both of these areas reported minor beach erosion, but overall, the beaches fared well through the storm. Now for the big numbers, the rainfall totals.

Mount Olive: 5.06"
Swansboro: 4.58"
Chocowinity: 3.54"
New Bern: 3.30"
Jacksonville: 3.03"
Kinston: 2.84"
Williamston: 2.79"

These are the total rain accumulation from June 6th at 4:00 pm to June 7th at 11:00 pm. There were reports of minor localized flooding, but after seeing these totals, it's a little surprising we didn't see more flooding. It does help that going in to Andrea, grounds were very dry (we had an 8" rainfall deficit before hand), allowing for a lot of the moisture to be soaked up by parched soils and thirsty plants. Overall, Eastern Carolina weathered Andrea well. Let's hope that if we get hit with any more severe through the rest of the year, we continue our trend of preparedness and vigilance.

(NOTE: As of June 11th, Greenville Municipal Airport records show our average rainfall is 2.11" below our yearly average)