Trent Woods Man Sentenced For Dozens Of Home Break-In's

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A Craven County man will spend up to the next 39 and a half years of his life behind bars after investigators said he broke into dozens of homes and stole from the owners.

On Thursday, District Attorney Scott Thomas said 33-year-old Gregory Hamilton of Trent Woods was in court, convicted for home break-ins and thefts.

Investigators said Hamilton worked with Calvin Dawson to target homes in New Bern, Trent Woods, and other parts of Craven County.

The D.A.'s office said the pair had a standard operation: they would knock on doors to see if anyone was home. If so, they would play off the attempted crime as a mistaken address. However, if no one appeared to be home, investigators said the men would get in using the garage, side, or back doors.

The D.A. said Hamilton would typically be the one to get inside, then head straight to the master bedroom in search of valuables. Investigators said in minutes, those items turned up at a pawn shop and Hamilton was accused of using the money he got from stolen good to buy illegal drugs.

While many homes were vacant at the time of the crimes, the DA said on a few occasions, people were home. In one instance, investigators said Hamilton came face to face with a child inside while the boy's mother was in the garage. Once Hamilton left, the boy told his mother he had seen an intruder in their home.

On Thursday, Hamilton plead guilty to 50 charges against him. He was sentenced to up to 39 and a half years of prison time, along with paying restitution amounting to $211,148.50.

Dawson is due for a September 22nd hearing in his pending case.