Treating Roads Tricky In Rain To Snow Event

Wet roads and freezing temperatures can mean treacherous roads, but pre-treating them proved tricky again for D.O.T. crews.

D.O.T. crews in Craven County say the rain before the snow is what causes the problem because the rain washes off anything they put on the roads and when it does snow and temperatures drop below freezing, bridges and overpasses can turn into a sheet of ice.

That's what happened last month in New Bern when rain that fell ended up freezing and there were 30 accidents on the Twin Rivers Bridge.

Crews in Craven County said Saturday they did pre-treat bridges and overpasses with brine and then monitored them so they could put down salt right before they would freeze.

In Pitt County, the game plan was much the same. Crews there told us they wanted to stay ahead of the storm and treated bridges and overpasses first.