Travelers Pack The Roads Returning From Thanksgiving Trips

Sunday was another big travel day as many people made their way back home from their Thanksgiving destination.

Here in Eastern Carolina there have been numerous delays and congestion on I-95 because of the heavy traffic and accidents.

Triple-A Carolinas said 1.17 million people were traveling 50-miles or more from home during the Thanksgiving holiday, an increase of 36,000 from last year. Ninety-percent of those traveling were driving with most of them returning Sunday.

We talked with travelers and those just dealing with the added traffic on the roads in Greenville.

Kyle LaFlamme said, "Oh it's definitely important for people to drive safe. People probably shouldn't be texting and keep eyes on the road, no distractions, have a navigator in the passenger seat so it's real important during the holidays."

Mark Renfrow told us, "I think the traffic and accident rate in Greenville is terrible, and the center lanes and so forth were a bad idea when the city was built so people need to be more careful. Like I said I saw two accidents today just rear end collisions."

And Carson Hudson said, "And traffic is bad this time of year and people just don't pay attention. And people are on their phones and texting and driving when there's more traffic on the roads and then the weather changes."

During the Thanksgiving travel period last year, 15 people lost their lives in crashes on North Carolina roadways. The information for this year will be available in the coming days.