Trapped Cats In Greenville Rescued

Concern for trapped cats prompted neighbors in Greenville to call for help.

At Campus Walk apartment complex in Greenville, Neighbors say feral cats were often seen roaming their community, but then some of those cats got trapped. At least six cats were stuck when holes in a building were sealed up.

Neighbors called in Jenny Lee and her husband Brian from Lee's Carolina Cat House. They rescue cats.

The Lee's say it was tough to see the animals in bad shape. "I saw their faces looking through the grates. These are wild cats, cats that don't like humans, they don't know what we are, they are scared of us. They were actually looking out like they wanted help. They were starving and we had two kittens looking at us and one adult so we knew that we had to get them out as soon as possible and get them food and water."

The Lee's were able to save six cats in three days. One kitten died before it could be rescued.

The kittens were taken to Saving Graces for Felines where they are being taken care of until they are ready to be adopted.

The adult cats have a new home ready for them this weekend.