Towns In Eastern Ukrain Brace For Military Action

Towns in eastern Ukraine are bracing for military action this morning as pro-Russian separatists continue to defy orders to back down.

There are fears Ukraine is inching closer to an all-out war...

And the U.S. is trying to use whatever diplomatic options it has to avoid more violence.

In Ukraine this morning rival clashes continued....towns to the east are bracing for military action.

Pro-Russian separatists have taken control of key buildings in several towns, and are defying government orders to pull back or face Ukrainian troops.

The violence prompted an emergency U.N. security meeting last night.

The Obama Administration is accusing Russia of escalating the crisis. "We are being bombarded with Russian disinformation and propaganda, while the Ukrainians are being confronted by incitement and violence," said Samantha Power, U.S. Ambassador to United Nations.

"It has all the tell-tale signs of what we saw in Crimea. It's professional, it's coordinated," said Samantha Power, U.S. Ambassador to UN.

Russia says its only concern is Ukraine's stability. "The authorities do not want to listen to those who do not accept the imposed dominance in Kiev of national radicals," said Vitaly Churkin Russian Federation Ambassador to UN

The U.S. is trying to help diplomatically.

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is preparing to talk about aid with Ukraine's finance minister later today.

Sanctions have also been hurting Russia's stocks.

but senator John McCain says the U.S. must go further. "We ought to at least, for God's sake, give them some weapons, light weapons with which to defend themselves," said Senator John McCain, (R) Arizona.

That's now under consideration, as experts worry Ukraine could be getting dangerously close to a regional war.