Touching Story From Beaufort County Family Lands Them $5,000 Yard Makeover

Some homeowners in Beaufort County got a landscaping makeover worthy of a theme park.

Tammy Bennett of Washington won a $5,000 lawn makeover from the Busch Gardens Theme Park in Virginia.

Contestants had to submit a photo of their yard and a personal story on the park's facebook site about why they should win.

Bennett had to have a kidney transplant back in 2006 while she and her husband were renovating their house.

The perfect donor match turned out to be her husband and the transplant was a success. And while the Bennett's did finish the inside of their home they never quite got to the outside.

Eric Elliott of Busch Gardens says, "Obviously with the Bennett family story, with some of the medical issues and things like that, they always wanted to do a nice landscaping job for the house so we were glad as part of the Busch Gardens landscape team, we wanted to be able to bring that beautiful look down here for the Bennett family and make them happy."

More than 20,000 people voted for the Bennett's after reading about their story.