Toddler Saved After Bouncing Out Of Window

SPOKANE, Washington (AP) -- Talk about a bouncing baby boy. Authorities in Spokane, Washington say it took some fast teamwork for a toddler's mother and grandmother to save the child after it jumped on a bed -- and bounced out of a window.

The 14-month-old's mom was just getting out of the shower when she saw the boy bounce off the bed and out a half-opened, second-story window. She smashed through the window and grabbed the boy's foot just as his head was striking a small roof hanging over the front porch.

Their momentum carried them out of the window to the overhang -- where the fast-thinking mom was able to lower the baby to its grandmother, who was out on the porch having a smoke. Mom ended up falling into some nearby bushes and is described as "pretty scraped up."

As for the bouncing baby boy, authorities say he "is going to be fine."

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